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Yoga Classes

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Yoga Classes

In Lawrence, the introduction of yoga classes has significantly enhanced the holistic educational experience for students. These sessions, seamlessly integrated into the school’s curriculum, provide a unique avenue for physical and mental well-being. Led by experienced and certified instructors, the yoga classes in Lawrence School offer students a space to cultivate mindfulness, flexibility, and inner peace.

We recognize the importance of fostering a healthy lifestyle from a young age, and the yoga program serves as a valuable tool in achieving this goal. Students eagerly participate in the sessions, which not only contribute to their physical fitness but also promote concentration and stress management. The serene environment and expert guidance create an atmosphere conducive to self-discovery and personal growth.

Lawrence commitment to nurturing both the academic and holistic development of its students is exemplified through the inclusion of yoga classes, fostering a well-rounded and resilient student body. The positive impact of these classes resonates not only within the school walls but extends to the broader community, emphasizing the school’s dedication to cultivating balanced and thriving individuals.

Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy was established in 2011 in Gulaothi with an aim to serve the educational needs. Encompassed in 4 acres of land with lush green lawns and spacious playfields. Our students graduate and continue further studies at several Top Universities. We have years of experience in providing quality and affordable education and received a number of awards for its contribution to education and social service.

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