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Gulaothi, BSR

Our Motto

Committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment where every student’s potential is nurtured and celebrated

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Lawrence Academy a Landmark and Torch Bearer of Quality education and establish a world-class center of learning by delivering an educational experience that engages students intellectually, creatively, physically, spiritually, and socially to transcend all barriers and bring a positive change in society.

  • Development of Rural Students through education.
  • Respond to local societal needs by developing selected ‘targeted research projects’.
  • Quality training programs in need-based modern technology.
  • To maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure in laboratories.
  • To promote a culture of self-employment.
  • To inculcate moral, ethical, spiritual values in education at all levels.
  • To give to the world – Lawrence – who can win the hearts and minds of others, put service before self, and retain their humility and values even as they soar high and conquer the world.

Our Value

  • Vision

    The school’s vision is to build institutions that uphold the highest professional standards of excellence in education and innovative instructional practices. And to create a global educational community of conscientious individuals who have developed their intellectual, artistic, and professional talents to the highest degree to bring about positive change in society.

  • Core Values

    Lawrence Academy’s goal is to become an institution of excellence, where ethical values, character, wisdom, leadership, service, and academic achievements are encouraged in a safe and nurturing environment. We are trying to create a community of learners who are able to garner the tools to lead a happy, meaningful, and well-balanced life, contributing towards the progress, prosperity, and peace of the society at large.

  • Goals

    All information’s concerning students/staff to be made available Online. To make the Campus green and chemical-free. To go for the energy auditing of the whole campus. To provide a happy, caring, supportive, and secure environment. To inculcate values central to the ethos of the school and the community.

Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy was established in 2011 in Gulaothi with an aim to serve the educational needs. Encompassed in 4 acres of land with lush green lawns and spacious playfields. Our students graduate and continue further studies at several Top Universities. We have years of experience in providing quality and affordable education and received a number of awards for its contribution to education and social service.

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