Lawrence academy


We are proud that this school has consistently maintained its tradition of excellence in the field of education to date. The perseverance and dedication of the entire staff are so high that it is effervescent to evolve problem – solving strategies for the betterment of the students. Management is highly supportive and motivator for the all-round growth & development of the students.

First and foremost, we seek to create a stimulating, safe, and respectful environment for our students. Our school embraces the “whole child” supporting their individual differences and learning styles while encouraging each child into engaging interaction and meaningful learning. A foundation for academic and social thinking is established and then built on overtime. Our students are encouraged to be abstract, logical, and creative thinkers.

The majority of academic and non-academic work is online. Hassle-free information access and quality education are the hallmarks of the school. Sports, cultural and other extra-curricular activities nurture and hone up the talent of the students. Our students are the proud achievers of not only the academic positions but the topmost ones in sports.

 I take this opportunity to welcome the students from the core of my heart and assure their parents that the school will further register tremendous progress on all fronts with its sincere, dedicated & progressive efforts.

-Mrs. Satpal kaur