Lawrence academy

Managing Director

We aim to create an educational world where children from all sections of society have ample opportunity to get quality based education. Our efforts are towards influencing each and every student to strive for excellence in multidisciplinary fields and to create awareness in every child to think independently so as to make an indigenous citizen.

The guiding philosophy of Lawrence is to “create knowledge, influence practice and integrate globally”. It is committed to quality education, catering to the holistic growth of students, and building responsible citizens for a better tomorrow.

We go beyond and ensure that our students get the best of indoor and outdoor training, shape their minds to think critically, synthesize knowledge, and reflect on their own thought processes. Through this we ensure that our students excel not only within the education system but in the real world as well, allowing our students to “Arise, Awake, and Ascend”.

-Mr. Shahimuddin Mewati