Lawrence academy


India, a land full of villages cannot progress without the development of its’ villages which is ultimately impossible without literacy in rural areas. As an education institution, our primary motive is to bring literacy within reach of all i.e. rural and middle-class people to make this country prosperous.

Chiseling the future citizens, a task so challenging is done in a manner by making learning and teaching fun and easy. We are synchronizing the heart and mind of the children in a way that academic education soaked in social and moral values, stirring up all innate qualities to an optimum level and adorn society with good human beings. Thus by the time a child completes his schooling, he is fully prepared to face the challenges of life.

I saw a dream many years ago ‘to build up an institution where an education blended in all colors of human values’. I feel proud to say that my lofty dream of a quality institution is taking shape.

Presently, Lawrence is one of the fastest-growing schools in the city because of the high standards it has set for itself in providing excellent education.

-Mr. Saizuddin Mewati