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Student’s safety is our prime responsibility. A school transport facility is provided to students in certain areas on demand. Bus fees are payable in advance along with tuition fees. For withdrawal from the bus service, three months’ notice should be given by the parents to school. Safe transport with speed control and one attendant in each bus is available. The transport facility can be withdrawn in case of rules violation, fighting, and ill-treating other students.

Bus Rules


  1. Students should be at their bus stops at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.
  2. Buses will not wait for latecomers.
  3. Children must stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.
  4. No student should attempt to board the bus until it has come to a complete stop.
  5. Upon boarding, students should promptly take available seats.
  6. Drivers are authorized to stop buses only at designated stops, unless otherwise instructed by the Transport Incharge/Teacher Incharge. The list of stops, designed for everyone’s convenience, is subject to change.
  7. While the bus is in motion, students must refrain from moving around or leaning out of the bus.
  8. Students will be held accountable for any damage to the bus caused by negligence or vandalism.
  9. Eating or discarding food inside or outside the bus is not allowed.
  10. Shrieking, shouting, and unruly behavior are strictly prohibited, as it may distract the driver’s attention.
  11. Teachers commuting by bus and student bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline. Serious offenses must be reported to the Principal/Vice Principal/Head Master.
  12. A clear one-calendar-month notice is required to discontinue the school transport facility; otherwise, one month’s fee will be charged from the student.
  13. Students using the school transport are not allowed to leave with their parents unless permitted by the Principal within 15 minutes of the bus departure time.

Bus Discipline Procedure For The Students

Level One:

Initial or minor offense results in a verbal warning from the bus conductor.

Level Two:

Subsequent or more serious offenses lead to a written warning by the Class Teacher. Information is sent home for parental signature or parents may be called to the school.

Level Three:

Transportation privileges are suspended for one week (5 days) or potentially for an entire academic year, and the student is placed under behavior monitoring.

Guidelines For Parents Using Private Transportations

  1. The vehicle must be in good condition.
  2. Seating capacity should not exceed the registered number of seats in the cab.
  3. The authorized driver must have adequate driving experience and a valid license.
  4. The vehicle should not be operated using domestic LPG cylinders.
  5. It is recommended that parents conduct police verification of the cab driver and ensure the road-worthiness of the vehicle. Details of the vehicle and driver’s license number are to be provided to the school for our records.
  6. Parents of students using the same transport should exchange their phone numbers.
  7. The telephone numbers of the driver and cab details should be provided to the concerned Class Teacher.

Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Academy was established in 2011 in Gulaothi with an aim to serve the educational needs. Encompassed in 4 acres of land with lush green lawns and spacious playfields. Our students graduate and continue further studies at several Top Universities. We have years of experience in providing quality and affordable education and received a number of awards for its contribution to education and social service.

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